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Do not lose a sale because of mold or suspected mold, call Certified Indoor Environmental. We serve Oregon’s Portland and Salem metro areas and SW Washington. Not only are we local, but we are familiar with the rainy, humid climate of the Pacific Northwest – a climate that can lead to mold in any type of property, especially one with improper ventilation or if it has been vacant.

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Inspector Found Mold, What Now?

Don’t miss another sale because a property you’re trying to sell has mold or a dank, mildew smell. The experts at Certified Indoor Environmental are available to handle mold problems in any type of residential or commercial property. We want property sellers to garner top dollar for their properties, but have seen situations where the existence of a mold infestation brings down the value of a property in the eyes of potential buyers.


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Continuing Education Classes

Learn more about our classes: 1 - "Inspector Found Mold, What Now?" 2 - Indoor Air Quality 3 - Asbestos


Mastering the Repair Addendum

Knowing exactly what to write in your repair addendum will save you and your client time, money, plus ease stress. Learn the correct verbiage to avoid any complications.


Attic Mold Removal

Mold contamination requires prompt and proper treatment if you want to minimize the damage and restore your home to a safe, healthy condition. Learn what causes mold and see a quick video of our process.

Indoor Air Quality Tips for Homeowners

Download this FREE checklist to help your clients improve the air quality in their home.


Smoke Removal Tips (Infographic) Download & Share!

Please download (FREE) and share this helpful infographic on your social media platforms! #CIE #IAQ #CertifiedIndoor Environmental

asbestos shingles

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is extremely dangerous if disturbed. Proceeding with caution is the best possible recommendation. Do not touch, move or disturb material that you suspect may contain asbestos. Certified can help with both testing and removal. See our page for more information.

mold testing and inspections

Residential Mold Remediation

Learn the signs that can show there is a mold problem in a home.


Inspections with Mold

We understand how important transaction deadlines are and we are here to help you meet those deadlines. Learn how we do this here.

explain mold

How To Explain Mold Remediation To Your Clients

Realtors who take proactive steps to combat mold in a property that is up for sale, are doing everyone a favor – the sellers, buyers, and especially themselves – gain peace of mind knowing the property will be clean, safe, and mold-free for its new occupants.

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