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Whether you are the seller or the buyer of a property, visual mold or a dank, mildew smell could be a deal breaker. The simple truth is that eliminating mold issues ahead of time can help garner top dollar for your property.  “We have seen situations where the existence of mold brings down the value of a property in the eyes of a potential buyer.” says Mark Ritacco, Managing Partner at Certified Indoor Environmental (CIE).  “Mold is common in our northwest climate and property owners should remediate mold problems prior to listing.”

Certified Indoor Environmental (CIE) Addresses Two Concerns

Anytime mold is present, it is important to address two concerns:   

#1 – Determine the cause of the moisture and fix it. 

#2 – Fully remediate the area to remove the mold and prevent it from returning.  CIE supports the real estate sales process by identifying the source, eliminating the mold, and treating the area to keep mold away (60-month warranty); leaving the property clean and fresh for potential buyers to tour the home. 

Mold Found During an Inspection

wooden-house-and-clock-a-person-signs-documents-signing-a-contract-to-rent-a-house-or-apartment_t20_bxNLE6Closing dates for real estate transactions are typically fast approaching and CIE’s process is quick, affordable, and comprehensive.  CIE will inspect a property and provide a recommendation to correct and remediate the property.  Inspections can typically be scheduled in a day or two with work being completed soon afterwards.

Write A Repair Addendum That Protects Your Client

Another helpful reminder is to ensure that the buyer’s agent writes the repair addendum to include identifying and correcting the cause of the mold.  If the repair addendum does not include correcting the cause of the mold, the seller may refuse to complete that scope of the work and the mold issue may return potentially creating a problem for the buyer. Also, many companies will encapsulate or “paint over the mold” which is NOT recognized by the EPA as a proper mold remediation method.

Certified suggests writing the following points in the repair addendum:

  • The contractor must identify the source of moisture causing microbial growth, correct the moisture source, and provide a 5-year warranty against future microbial growth
  • The contractor must remove mold from the structure and not paint over or encapsulate microbial growth
  • The contractor must provide ventilation analysis which meets the National Roofing Contractors Association 1×150 ventilation guidelines
  • Also suggested:  Mold remediation to be performed by Certified Indoor Environmental
Steps for Mold Remediation

dhlQnFeQWhen mold is listed on an inspection report it is helpful to be able to explain the mold remediation process to your clients.  Here are basic steps that clients can expect from CIE’s non-destructive mold remediation process:  (attic remediation example)

1. Establish containment and negative air as needed.
2. Lay protective canvas through the walkways of the structure leading to the work areas.
3. Sand and scrape three-dimensional microbial growth on roof sheathing, as needed, to remove hyphae (mold root structure).
4. Apply biodegradable mold stain remover.
5. Sub-micron fog attic to reduce elevated levels of airborne particulates.

Our system utilizes Nano-technology, allowing the stain remover to penetrate deep into wood surfaces. Attic sheathing in most cases will look brand new. CIE does not encapsulate, paint over the mold per EPA guideline, encapsulation is not a recognized method of attic mold remediation.

All remediation will be performed by qualified personnel, experienced with
microbial remediation procedures and protocols; including but not limited to, IICRC S520, EPA Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation.

Why Choose Certified Indoor Environmental?
  • Free assessments
  • Scheduled within 24 – 48 hours usually
  • On the spot estimates in most circumstances (send photos to
  • Pay out of escrow
  • Cost effective and we price match
  • Exceptional service and performance
  • Backed by OVER 1,500 5-STAR reviews! 

For more tips, download a FREE copy here – Repair Addendum Tips

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CIE | Author – Lynette Schmidt, Business Development Manager | October 1, 2020

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