Mildew Removal

Mildew and mold are both types of fungi, and neither is welcome in your residence or commercial establishment. Mildew is mold in its initial stages, and it can grow just about anywhere under the right combination of moisture, humidity, organic nutrients, and ambient mold spores. if you find mildew on any surface inside your home or business, you should take immediate steps to rid the area of mildew before it spreads into a full-blown mold infestation.

In just 24 to 48 hours of a surface being exposed to moisture, mildew can take hold and start to grow. Mildew commonly appears on wood elements such as beams or columns and on wood products such as picture frames. Mildew loves ceiling tiles and drywall, as well as other organic materials such as carpeting, wallpaper, and paper. Mildew can grow in any room—from the highest recesses of an attic to the darkest corners of the basement and anywhere in between. Who hasn’t seen mildew on a shower curtain or its telltale appearance between bathroom tiles?

Mildew is especially problematic in rainy, humid climates, such as ours in the Pacific Northwest. Some people attempt to clean mildew themselves, but the results achieved are usually less than optimal. Certified Indoor Environmental never recommends do-it-yourselfers go it alone. This is because mildew is not always visible to the naked eye, and an untrained professional can easily miss cleaning the entire infestation which sets the area up for a recurrence of the growth or expansion into an even worse contamination in the form of mold. As professionals with eyes trained on your exact situation, we know exactly what is needed to properly and thoroughly clean the mildew.

For the best and longest-lasting results, contact a professional mold and mildew remediation company to do the job. Certified Indoor Environmental is a leading provider of mold and mildew removal services in the Portland and Salem metropolitan areas in Oregon, and we are available to clean and remediate mildew wherever it grows. Our mold remediation experts are IICRC-trained and certified to identify and clean the grayish-white fuzzy substance and eliminate its easily recognizable musty smell.

As mold and mildew removal experts for both homes and businesses, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing excellent customer service and nothing less than the highest quality work every time. In fact, Certified Indoor Environmental customers consistently give us a 5 star customer service rating. We are sensitive to each customer’s needs and make sure we minimize any disruption to your home or business operations when carrying out our work.

How Do I Know if I Have Mildew?

While there are many similarities between mold and mildew, there are also differences, especially in appearance. Mold appears on surfaces as a green or black growth, and is usually a sign of a larger contamination. Mildew has a powdery appearance, is white or gray in color, and grows flat on surfaces, in porous materials, and on items that are deteriorating. In addition, mildew gives off the musty smell we often encounter in basements, attics, and other dark places where moisture and humidity can occur.

And like mold, mildew can pose equally dangerous health concerns. If children, the elderly, or anyone in your home with allergies or asthma develops new respiratory problems or existing symptoms worsen, you may have mildew.

Certified Indoor Environmental’s Mildew Removal Process

From your first call to Certified Indoor Environmental, we want you to understand our proven mildew removal process and feel assured that it will effectively eliminate mildew from wherever it is located on your property. We work at all times to obtain the best possible results for each situation.

Our main concern is to locate the source of water or humidity that is contributing to the growth of mildew. Without moisture, there can be no mildew, so finding and fixing that problem is critical.

Our guaranteed step-by-step process.

  1. Upon arrival onsite, we conduct a complete inspection of the property to locate every area where mildew could lurk and to identify areas where humidity levels are high or there is possible water damage. We look for leaky pipes, condensation in HVAC systems, roof damage, poor ventilation, etc.
  2. We provide a detailed estimate with our findings as well as recommendations for remediation and repair of the existing water problem.
  3. We seal off the affected area to contain the contamination, then clean and remove the mildew using safe and effective methods.
  4. If the property owner wants, we clean and restore personal property and belongings, to restore them as much as possible to their pre-damage condition.
  5. We conduct a final air sampling and inspection to make sure the mildew has been completely eliminated and that our mildew remediation process has been done to your 100% satisfaction.
  6. We provide property owners with a detailed report that contains photos of before and after the infestation clean-up, the process steps we took to remediate it, and the recommendations to follow to remove moisture and prevent future infestations.

Our staff is always available to answer your questions and to help facilitate the insurance claims process.

We want you to get you a fair and timely settlement on both the property that was damaged from the mildew infestation and your related expenses.

Residential and Commercial Customers Who Benefit from our Services

We help:

  • Homeowners, multifamily residence property managers, homeowner associations and boards
  • Real estate agents and inspectors in the course of a home or other property sale or purchase
  • Commercial and retail establishments and industries who must ensure compliance with health codes and regulations

We work to complete most jobs in one day. Upon completion, we give customers a 36-month guarantee that mildew won’t return, assuming they follow our recommendations for repair and water removal.

Mildew anywhere is a sign of a more serious matter that requires immediate attention. If you are located in Portland metro and Salem areas of Oregon, and have a mildew problem, call Certified Indoor Environmental today. We’ll put our proven mildew cleanup and remediation process to work for you to make sure your home or businesses is clean and restored to a safe, healthy condition as efficiently and quickly as possible.