Mold found during an inspection

We understand how important transaction deadlines are and we are here to help you meet those deadlines

A home or property inspection uncovers mold in an attic or crawl space– We address the two concerns when mold is found in either a crawl space or an attic during the course of a buyer’s inspection: 1) Because mold requires moisture to grow, we first determine the cause of the moisture and provide a recommendation to fix it, and 2) We fully remediate the area to remove the mold and prevent it from returning.


A property you are trying to sell has a serious mold problem visible on the walls in the basement– Property owners should remediate mold problems before potential buyers come in. If not, they can expect fewer and/or lower offers for their property. We support the real estate sales process by eliminating mold and treating the area to keep mold away for at least 36 months and leave a property clean and fresh for when potential buyers come to look.

The closing date on the property is fast approaching and the buyer decides they want to inspect for mold– We perform sampling and mold testing in homes and businesses that need testing done prior to settlement on the property. If mold is found as a result of the testing or the air sample shows a high mold spore count, we can usually remediate and treat mold in just a day or two.

A property seller’s disclosure indicates that a home has, or had, a mold infestation– We are available to support realtors and potential buyers during the home inspection process by testing for mold, sampling the air for mold spores, or treating a visible mold. In addition, we inspect a property for past or present water damage and provide a recommendation for repairing that problem.

Repair Addendums

Artboard 1-100Step by Step Guide For Repair Addendums When the Inspector Finds Mold

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The bottom line for us at Certified Indoor Environmental is to mitigate and remediate mold issues as quickly and effectively as possible so realtors can be certain the home or business property they are trying to sell is in show-ready condition at the time it is listed. We identify the situation that led to the growth of mold and make recommendations for solving that problem. We also safely and thoroughly remediate the entire affected area. By taking these steps upfront, realtors can eliminate any health concerns of potential buyers who know the property they are thinking of buying contains mold.