Exterior Mold Removal

Over time, dust, dirt, and grime build up on outside walls, and much of this comes off with regular power-washing.  But in rainy climates, such as that of the Pacific Northwest, or areas where humidity is high, and buildings do not receive full sun exposure, all too often we see mold and mildew take hold on a building’s exterior surfaces, including the walls, roof, sidewalks, porch ceilings, driveway, trim, and siding. Mold spores in the air, combined with moisture, just the right temperature, and a building surface that is conducive to the growth of mold, latch on and thrive in those optimum conditions for growth.  It should be noted that mold on the exterior of a building does not necessarily mean the building has mold on the inside.  But, testing for mold indoors might be indicated, especially if anyone in the home has allergies or asthma, and whose symptoms can be exacerbated by mold and mildew. Who hasn’t seen unsightly greenish-black mold that appears on homes with light-color siding?  Without cleaning and treatment, this mold spreads across entire strips of siding and eventually covers the entire wall. Don’t be fooled, however, into thinking that homes with other types of exterior siding such as brick or faux-stone don’t get mold—they do, but the mold is less visible.Homes with exposed wood trim can practically bet they’ll get mold if the wood is unpainted or unsealed.  Also, mold can spread and get into porous materials such as brick and concrete. Certified Indoor Environmental is a professional mold removal and remediation company, and we are more than familiar with the issues home and business owners face when they see mold growing on the outside of their property.  We are located in Oregon’s Portland and Salem metropolitan areas and have been providing top quality mold and mildew remediation service to residential and commercial customers since 2011.  And, because we are family owned and operated, we are right sized to handle every customer with individualized focus and attention. Not all stains on a building exterior are mold. In some cases, stains can also result from moss, algae, lichen, and pollen, and these can range from a full layer of green to brown stains to splotchy black marks.  We never recommend that homeowners attempt to diagnose the problem visually or treat it themselves.  An incorrect conclusion could have the property owner attempting to remove the stain with products that either don’t work or that don’t completely solve the problem.  Also, improper cleaning can lead to damage to the building itself, and that can add costly repairs to the mix. Mold species exist in the thousands.  The mold technicians at Certified Indoor Environmental have the specialized training and expertise to identify mold, remove it, and remediate the exterior surface where mold appeared.  We are trained by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification – IICRC – which is widely recognized and accepted as the standard-setting organization in the cleaning and restoration industry.  We also adhere to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards for mold remediation. In addition to helping individual homeowners eliminate mold and mildew from the outside of their homes, Certified Indoor Environmental has helped hundreds of commercial and industrial clients and others, including real estate agents, home inspectors, insurance providers, property managers of apartments and multifamily living units, and homeowner associations and boards.

Why Choose Certified Indoor Environmental?

Below are the many reasons to call Certified Indoor Environmental for removing the mold on the outside of your home or business property.  The #1 reason to call us is our customer service. We want every customer to be completely satisfied with the service we provide, because we know that having a property free of mold and mildew will give you peace of mind.
  • Our mold inspections and estimates are free.
  • We inspect the entire area visually to identify mold and do further testing if necessary through an independent lab.
  • We provide a fully detailed recommendation for remediating your mold problem.  Although we can’t control Mother Nature’s rains and humidity, if we find a water or moisture problem that needs fixing, we’ll let you know.
  • We are rated with 5 stars in customer service by customers on Yelp and Google.
  • The process we use to remove exterior mold and mildew is safe, effective, and removes mold at its source.
  • We rely on the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to do our job.
  • We aim to complete most exterior mold remediation jobs in one day.
  • If an insurance claim can be substantiated, we support the claims process on behalf of the property owner.
  • Certified Indoor Environmental is licensed, bonded, and insured.
If your residential or commercial property has a problem with mold on the exterior of the building, call Certified Indoor Environmental to have the mold removed and the property fully remediated.  Our customer service representatives will answer all your questions and do what is necessary to ensure your full satisfaction.  We know mold, and we remediate it everywhere – both inside your home or business, and outside, so you your property will look its absolute best.