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We understand your need for quick service.  Certified Indoor Environmental provides the most affordable and timely service.  We truly are the experts in limiting liability from mold growth in the Pacific NW.  Our broker partners prefer to work with us because of our non-destructive mold remediation method – the attic sheathing does not need to be removed and therefore saves valuable time and money for you and your client.  We can treat the mold and remove the staining without manually sanding or scraping; in most cases the materials will look brand new.  Please check out this video of our unique method and the 1,000+ 5-star reviews from our customers.  Let us help you with a free assessment, quick service, and priority scheduling. 

Virtual Classes for 2021

#1 Recommended Classes

Home Inspector Cover 2021

The Home Inspector Found Mold, What Now?

  • Mold Facts And The Health Effects of Mold
  • Should Mold Be Tested?
  • Testing Method Comparisons
  • What Factors Cause Mold to Grow In Attics?
  • Home Inspections with Mold Issues
  • Ventilation Repairs
  • Best Practices For Mold Remediation
  • What Factors Cause Interior Mold To Grow?
  • How To Write An Effective Repair Addendum
IAQ Class Banner 600×200

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

  • Mold refresher
  • What causes poor IAQ?
  • What are the possible health effects from having poor IAQ?
  • What are the testing methods?
  • Tools/tips for maintaining good IAQ?

The Essential Guide to Asbestos

  • What is Asbestos?
  • How to Identify Asbestos-containing Building Materials
  • What To Do With Suspected Asbestos
  • Asbestos Laws & Regulations
  • What is the testing and abatement process?  Costs?

Protect Your Assets From Mold Liability

  • Mold, Indoor Air Quality, Mycotoxins, & the Built Environment
  • Sources of Mold
  • What are the Health Effects of Mold & Mycotoxins
  • Should Mold Be Tested
  • Common Testing Methods (Pitfalls of Each Method)
  • Ventilation
  • Mold Remediation (Interior/Attic)
  • IAQ Tips

Instructor, Mark Ritacco

Mark holds over 12 designations across the construction, restoration, and environmental industries. Mark is results-driven and is actively involved in day-to-day operations. As a business owner he holds over 25 years of management, real estate, and sales experience.

In 2011, Mark founded his residential remediation company working with a proprietary product. and in 2016 he expanded the business to cover multifamily and commercial properties as well. 

Certified Indoor Environmental provides service for SW Washington down to Eugene.   Services include Non-destructive Mold Remediation, Indoor Air Quality Testing, Covid-19 Disinfecting, Water Mitigation and Asbestos Abatement work.

Mark & Tami