Community-wide Assessment

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At Certified Indoor Environmental, we understand your need to ensure proper building standards, safety, affordable pricing, and customer satisfaction.  We offer indoor air quality testing and an advanced mold remediation solutions –  including fogging the air, improving ventilation, and limiting liability from mold growth in our challenging Pacific NW climate. 

One of your residents has been running a daycare business in their unit which has caused humidity levels to rise and could be causing mold to grow quickly inside the unit and in the attics.  You don’t have automatic fans installed in the bathrooms and you haven’t done an attic inspection if over two years.  However, Recently you checked the attic and many of the exhaust vents are not properly ducted, there was leak in the roof, soffits are blocked, and mold is everywhere.

 Go directly to GOT MOLD!  If you pass GO, Do not collect rent.  Call Certified immediately to assess and remediate.