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The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a global pandemic and a national emergency.  Part of minimizing your exposure to this disease is to keep your property disinfected. Learn how Certified Indoor Environmental’s disinfecting service is the most effective method and how it is also safe and affordable.  Click here to see what we are doing to keep you and our team safe when visiting your property.

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Please check out our resource guidance below to help with:
  • What steps to to follow for preparing to bring people back to the workplace
  • How to make sure people feel safe, healthy, and valued returning to their workplace
  • Best practices for disinfecting high-touch surfaces 
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Disinfecting is a critical component to reopening your property.  Learn how Certified can help based on information from the CDC, Governor Kate Brown, and other local experts in our local community.  Reopening Guidance

masks clip artWhat Do We Know About the Virus: (World Health Organization)
  • Covid-19 spreads through droplets, but many may not realize that coughing or sneezing can spread a cloud of mist up to 19-26 feet.  Therefore, it is important to stay a minimum of six feet away from others. 
  • Washing your hands frequently with soap is very important.  This is a virus not a bacteria, so hand soap is fine (see hand washing video); do not need anti-bacterial soap.
  • Viruses are not alive, so kill claims do not make sense.  Viruses have a membrane (like a soap bubble).  We want to breakdown the membrane and deactivate the virus (soap and alcohol-based products are effective).
  • You can be infected by breathing in the virus if you are within 3 feet of a person who has COVID-19, or by touching a contaminated surface and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth before washing your hands.

  • May persist on surfaces for a few hours up to several days. (some sources say 45 days)

empty office Planning for the Workplace Once the Quarantines End¹

It’s not too early to start planning.  Here are some thoughts on the first steps business owners can begin planning for.

Keep your distance. Six-foot social distancing rule should apply in the physical workspace until there is a Covid-19 vaccine and the virus in no longer a health threat to employees.

    • Remove excess chairs in conference rooms.
    • Spread out collaboration seating to space people further apart.
    • Encourage people to collaborate virtually whenever possible.

De-densify workstations.

      • Ensure desks are 6-feet apart.
      • Use every other desk to create a buffer.
      • Schedule work from home days to rotate people working in the office.
      • Space employees so they don’t face each other.
      • Use partitions.

Rethink dynamic and unassigned seating. 

    • No shared desks. Assign desks for a full day or a week, and then make sure they are disinfected before a new person uses the work setting.

Limit tech sharing. 

    • To avoid disease transmission, provide technology and accessories (such as a mouse, keyboard, or headset) to each individual.

Ramp up cleaning protocols. 

    • Organizations should implement professional cleaning protocols not only for workstations, but for conference rooms, collaborative areas, cafes, reception desks, and other common areas at regular intervals throughout the day.
    • Employers should provide disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers throughout the office – and especially in shared areas.

Upgrade air filtration systems (the air we breathe is also a shared resource).

    • Consider investing in air-cleaning systems to protect collaborative environments.
    • Consider installing state-of-the-art air purification and sanitization systems.

Practice good hygiene. 

    • Reinforce good hygiene practices with well-stocked restrooms that have touchless soap and anti-viral cleaning supplies.
    • Install plenty of hands-free dispensers with sanitizer that contains at least 70−95% alcohol in lobbies, conference rooms, and lounges.
    • No-touch garbage and recycling receptacles are preferable.
    • Door pulls, badge readers, and shared common areas should be disinfected throughout the day.

Certified Indoor Environmental offers a three-step disinfecting service to help make sure your employees and customers feel safe, healthy, and valued returning to your business.  We offer three service packages of surface to fit your particular needs and budget.  

1 – Gensler – Research & Insight, “What Happens When We Return to the Workplace?”  April 03, 2020 | By Janet Pogue McLaurin


you got thisEmpower your team to help them feel valued

Consider how employees will feel when they prepare to return to the office. Instead of mandating that everyone come back at once, consider offering the option for people to do it in waves. This may not only provide the necessary social distancing, but it would also allow employees a greater sense of control over their health.

Be open to new ways of working.  We have discovered different ways to collaborate virtually, which may likely continue when we return to the office. Embrace these new workflows and communication.

Building community, reinforcing our organization’s culture, and strengthening relationships with colleagues is still what the workplace is all about.

1 – Gensler – Research & Insight, “What Happens When We Return to the Workplace?”  April 03, 2020 | By Janet Pogue McLaurin

Disinfecting 1According To The National Institute Of Allergies And Infectious Diseases, Covid-19 Can Last On…
  • glass for 4 days
  • plastic and stainless steel for three days
  • cardboard for 24 hours
  • copper for 4 hours

Please use our high touch cleaning checklists to help with cleaning surfaces in homes.  EPA-approved cleaning products can be found on the CDC Website.

CIE High Touch Cleaning List_Property

CIE High Touch Cleaning List_Office

CIE High Touch Cleaning List_Gym

Why not add a professional disinfecting service to help employees feel safe & healthy?

WIPE – Our cleaning process removes the bio-film and disinfects to coat all high touch surfaces. 

FOG – We then fog to remove airborne pathogens and hard to reach spots. 

TEST –  We swab and test surfaces to offer immediate results with a full report sent to the home owner within 24 hours.

We offer 3 packages to fit all needs and budgets.  Please ask about our special pricing for more frequent disinfecting needs.  


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