Black Mold Removal

What Is Black Mold?

Black mold is the one type of mold that strikes fear in most people, mainly because of its toxic properties that can, in extreme cases, cause death. The spores released by toxic black mold feed on materials that are organic in nature – drywall, carpeting, sub-flooring, ceiling tiles, wood – that are located in an area of high humidity or dampness. Removing the source of the moisture, for example through repairs or dehumidification, is the first critical step in preventing mold growth.


An infestation from mold or mildew is bad, but an infestation of toxic black mold – Stachybotrys chartarum – is worse. If you suspect you have black mold in your home or place of business, you should seek immediate help from a professional mold removal and remediation company.   In addition to the damage black mold causes to a property, it can cause serious, even life-threatening health issues in people who are exposed to it or live or work in an area where black mold has taken hold. The mycotoxins black mold produces can exacerbate allergy and respiratory problems in people who are susceptible, such as those with asthma. Worse, the toxins can cause skin inflammation and nausea, and even lead to more serious health conditions such as mental and/or memory impairment

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CIE STACKED Logo 107KB_translucentCertified Indoor Environmental’s Black Mold Remediation Process

Mold needs water and dampness to grow and survive. Once onsite, our first step is to fully inspect the area of your home or business where the infestation is located. We examine for sustained or serious water damage from any source: a burst pipe, flooded basement, leaky roof, faulty appliance, poor ventilation, malfunctioning HVAC with condensation, etc., and identify the problem that needs to be fixed as one step to preventing future infestations from mold.

Below we outline all the steps in our mold remediation process.

  1. Full property inspection to locate all areas where black mold exists and to identify areas of ongoing or past water damage. This includes dank, hidden areas where mold can thrive without building owners ever seeing it, such as in attics, crawl spaces, and behind walls.
  2. Mold containment by sealing off the affected area. This serves to keep mold spores from spreading, reduces the worsening of people’s related health symptoms, and minimizes the disruption to the occupants who either live or work on the property.
  3. Mold cleaning and removal. Our cleaning products are safe and highly effective at removing black mold – right down to the root structure.
  4. Depending on where the infestation occurred, for example, if mold appeared on roof sheathing, we apply a coating of mold-resistant sealant for added protection from mold.
  5. Cleaning and restoration of personal property and items that can be fully remediated. We do what it takes to restore your property to its pre-mold-damage condition.
  6. Final air sampling with results obtained from an independent lab to ensure all mold has been completely removed from the affected area.
  7. Final walk-through and inspection to confirm our mold removal process has been completed properly and to your full satisfaction.
  8. Property owners and managers receive a detailed report with before and after photos, our detailed process for removing black mold,the steps we took to remediate the black mold, and the recommendations to follow to prevent future infestations.

van4The professionals at Certified Indoor Environmental are available to put their proven mold removal process to work so you can avoid these dangerous health threats and the damage to your property caused by black mold.  Certified Indoor Environmental can help. Certified Indoor Environmental serves any type of commercial or residential customer:

  • Individual homeowners, homeowner associations, and property managers in multifamily residences and apartment complexes
  • Commercial and industrial clients who must ensure their work places are compliant with all health and safety codes and requirements
  • Insurers and realtors who need to have properties remediated for black mold

The bottom line – our trained technicians understand your concerns and will take proven steps to thoroughly clean and correct your mold problem regardless of the extent of the problem or the type of property where it is located. 

Why Use A Professional Mold Removal Company?

With the thousands of mold species that exist, identifying them requires training. Certified Indoor Environmental technicians are highly trained and capable at identifying the types of mold and are experienced in remediation procedures and protocols. Our training includes IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mold Remediation and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for mold remediation, among others.

When you choose Certified Indoor Environmental to remediate your toxic black mold problem, in addition to qualified technicians, you get:

  • Our customers consistently give us a 5 star customer service rating – When it comes to black mold, your health and safety are a priority. Our goal is to give you peace of mind by providing first-in-class customer service and answering all your questions.
  • Insurance claims support – We facilitate the insurance claims process on your behalf and work to get you the maximum benefit for the damage caused to your property and belongings, as well as reimbursement for related mold removal and remediation expenses.
  • Complete documentation of our process – We take photos both before and after remediation, itemize the property that has been damaged by black mold, and detail our process steps to keep you fully informed along the way.
  • Fast, affordable service that is guaranteed for 36 months* – Many jobs can be completed in a single day. We strive to minimize the disruption to your home or work location, and do so affordably.

A black mold contamination in your home or business is a serious matter that requires immediate professional treatment. Don’t risk anyone’s health or permanent property damage from mold. If your home or business is located in the Salem or Portland, Oregon, metro areas and you need help ridding the property of toxic black mold,call Certified Indoor Environmental immediately. We’ll put our proven black mold remediation process to work for you – always with the goal of promptly and effectively restoring your property to a mold-free condition that is safe and clean for everyone.


We offer a 36-month guarantee

Assuming you make all necessary repairs and follow the recommendations outlined in your inspection report.

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