Budget Time? Do Not Forget Your Attic Space!

Budget season is underway and property managers have a lot to consider when anticipating expenses and income.  One area that is often overlooked while forecasting is the attic inspection.  For attics that are inspected yearly, the cost can be much smaller than waiting for a potential problem to ensue.  Benjamin Franklin said, “Beware of little expenses, a small leak can sink a big ship”.  The same is true for budgets, putting off this detail can likely cause a huge variance down the road, and ironically in our wet climate an actual “small leak” or water issue can be quite costly if not quickly and properly addressed.

Conducting apartment building maintenance checks on a regular basis prevents unnecessary expenses for property owners and tenants. It also ensures optimal living conditions and may help prevent accidents and tenant complaints.  Hiring a professional to assess  your building’s attics can help predict or identify potential problems before they happen.   Wet insulation and leaks found during rainy months is a good indicator, but sometimes identifying the cause can be difficult due to a variety of issues.  Organic growth or mold found in an attic for example is attributed to three things:  temperature, food source (building materials), and a water source.   A certified and highly  trained expert can probe for inadequate ventilation, improper exhaust, and/or tenant lifestyles all of which can cause organic growth in an attic.

At Certified Indoor Environmental (CIE), we suggest checking your attics during the rainy season for water leaks.  If mold is present,  it is best to schedule a community-wide attic assessment to determine if more buildings are impacted.  We understand the dynamics of working with tenants and the budgeting challenges that property managers face.  By choosing CIE to take care of your buildings, you are working with a team of dedicated professionals who will complete your project on time and on budget while maintaining the highest quality of service.  We will also price match!

Our non-destructive mold remediation process is why we stand out and is the most cost-effective method for removing attic mold and stains.  We do not paint over or encapsulate the mold, we remove it!  Other companies recommend replacing the building materials which can be costly and take more time.

Most importantly, our experienced technicians will identify the cause of the growth and correct it.  We have remediated over 15,000 attic spaces over the last nine years and we have been able to overcome many obstacles while developing incredible expertise.  Our experience provides us with a solid understanding of your needs and deadlines and if you need more reassurance, we have over 700 5-star reviews that are a testament to the quality of our service.

Our successful track record makes us #1 in our market for attic mold remediation.  Please remember to budget for attic care and let CIE help address your needs.  We look forward to serving you!

CIE | Author:  Lynette Schmidt, Business Development Manager | September 13, 2020

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