Attic Mold Removal


Attic Mold in Portland is extremely common in our Northwest climate. 

Portland attic mold is generally directly attributable to 4 basic causes:

  • Lack of adequate ventilation or improper ventilation
  • Existing or past roof or flashing leaks
  • Improperly exhausted bathroom fans and/or dryer vents 
  • Attic Bypass or Attic Air Leaks

Certified Mold Cleaning inspects attic intake vents for blockage, calculates recommended venting requirements and checks for roof leaks and improperly vented fans. 



Analysis & Correction

The most important step is to address the cause of Portland attic mold. Most attic mold is from a lack of proper ventilation, roof leaks, improper exhaust venting or attic air leaks.


Site Prep – Protect Your Home

site-prep-protect-your-homeWe isolate the attic from the rest of the house. We put down protective canvas through the walkways of the house leading to where we will be working. This important step protects your home.



Attic Mold & Stain Removal

attic-mold-and-stain-removalOur company treats the attic sheathing with a chemical spray, which removes all visible mold and penetrates the roof sheathing, eliminating the mold root structure.

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Attic Thermo Fogging
attic-thermo-foggingOnce the Portland attic mold has been remediated, our Certified Master Technicians will fog the attic area to remove mold spores and air borne particulates.

Mold Protection for Your Attic 

mold-protection-for-your-atticA clear coating is applied to your attic roof sheathing, effectively sealing the wood. Its mold inhibiting properties ensure that fungal growth cannot occur.   10 YEAR GUARANTEE!



Final Clearance 

final-clearance Final Air Sampling provides the homeowner with assurance that the attic mold has been eliminated. Air Samples are sent to an independent lab for testing. Final walk through of project.



Certified Mold Report 

certified-mold-reportComplete before and after photos of the project with detailed steps taken to eliminate the mold and recommended steps to correct the attic mold from returning.



Attic mold in Portland is extremely common in our Northwest climate. Most people realize the importance of insulating an attic, but few realize that the ventilation of the attic is as important. If the attic has inadequate ventilation, the warm air of the home will rise into the attic and be unable to exit this area. 

This is why, in cold weather, moisture condenses on cold surfaces (like attic roof sheathing/decking). This moisture provides a perfect situation where mold grows. Our mission is to aid present or prospective home owners by not only conducting attic mold inspections, but also inform the home owners of potential causes and remediation methods.

The need for proper attic ventilation cannot be overstated enough. Bad attic ventilation can cause moisture buildup on the roof sheathing and lead to the formation of attic mold. Total Net Free Ventilating Area (TNFVA) refers to the fact that there should be proper ventilation for every 150 square feet of attic space.

The number is a recommendation by the Federal Housing Administration, which recommends between a 1/150 to a 1/300 ratio depending on the age of the home. If you have an older home, then a 1/300 ratio is suitable, since the home is probably less energy efficient, and thus less airtight. The building codes of new homes over the past 20 years are much stricter, making them more airtight, and therefore requiring additional ventilation.

Certified Mold Cleaning & Restoration recommends a 1/150 ratio for attics with evidence of mold.

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